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in the Rio Grande Tradition of the Southwest.

Celebrating the Spirit of the Southwest


“Floating Between Worlds ”


                    A Tribute to the Colorado River

17” x 25”  Handwoven Tapestry Landscape


I have often rafted this magnificent stretch of the Colorado River outside of Moab, Utah.  Drifting below the towering red cliffs, full of ancient legends, feels like being wonderfully suspended between two worlds.





“First Light Over

     Georgia's Mountain”


17” x 25”  Handwoven Tapestry Landscape


Pedernal, a distinctive flat topped mountain in Northern New Mexico was a favorite subject of painter, Georgia O'Keeffe.  She once said "It's my private mountain, it belongs to me. God told me if I painted it enough, I could have it."   After her death in March, 1986, her assistant, Juan Hamilton, carried her ashes to the summit and cast them to the wind thus keeping a promise.