Don't take our word for it!

A Few Words from our Guests...

Showing off our work woven at Lunga Castle with Scottish Tapestry Weaver, Louise Oppenheimer



"I do love Scotland. It just keeps drawing me back over and over and never disappoints. The history, landscape, weather, sheep, tartans and bagpipes, the lilt of the language, hedgerows, stone buildings with thatched roofs, fairy tales, weird amazing cuisine, wee drams, root vegetable soup, more sheep. And to have shared this trip with all of you amazing fiber loving artists was truly over the top for me. You are all spectacularly talented people, full of fun, laughter, curiosity and adventure. I am thrilled to have met and spent this magical time with each and everyone of you. Cari, Ginger and Emily are my new heroes and I would not hesitate to follow them anywhere!"

~ Dorothy R.


"I admire Cari's kindness and thoughtfulness and she created a wonderful opportunity for like minds, smart minds, sassy people, and fine diners to get together to have a rousing good time!" ~ Michelle L.


"I drove by a herd of sheep yesterday and, much to my delight, I found myself smiling from ear to ear and clear down to my toes. Happy memories came sweetly bounding to the surface, filled with thoughts of the bonnie Highlands and my Woolobite comrades."  ~Lucy B.




"As usual, it was a delightful trip with great people and an incredible learning experience.  Cari is a fantastic guide and organizer.  She always picks great places to stay and plans fun activities.  Not too mention, she has a great sense of humor and everyone adores her!"  ~ Sherry K.


"The trip highlights included volcanoes, weaving with lovely women, meeting other weavers, growing friendships, sparking my love for fibers, inspiration/idea making with colors and fibers saturating my senses."  ~ Jan J.


" Cari and Helmuth (local guide) combined made for a magical journey.  I can not think of one thing which should have been changed."  ~ Susan B.


"I enjoyed everything!!  It was such a special trip that it could have been even longer!"  ~ Jean K.




"A perfect perfect trip!  One that I never could imagine would be so special, loving, educational, inspiring, warm, meaningful and life changing.  Those are only a few of the words I can find to describe how I feel.  Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and love and passion because it made such a difference in our lives.  We know and respect all you have done to make our time so perfect."

~ Peggy, Illinois


"There is a problem!  I can't seem to find any words that can adequately express how amazing your trip to Peru was for us.  Our lives have changed forever and we are so grateful!

~  Bill and Carole, California



"Each one of the trips that you have designed is magical and enlightening.  Your sensitivity to the culture and ability to find and utilize the MOST interesting, engaging and knowledgeable guides and instructors is remarkable. Without a doubt, Canyon de Chelly has taken a piece of my heart and I am blessed thinking that I was there and the spirits are with me. You are a marvel, Cari.  You obviously love what you do because you do it with boundless energy and good humor and passion."

~ Susan, Colorado


"I can't thank you enough for the fabulous trip you planned in experiencing Navajo weaving and culture.  It was one of the most wonderful trips I have ever experienced and lovd how it balanced hands-on experiences, as well as intellectual stimulation.  The accommodations were very comfortable, your home cooked lunches were great and of course, the people we met and places we visited were so interesting.  You really attended to every detail to make the experience memorable."

~ MArgie, New York





"A truly memorable and exceptional week in Oaxaca.  It was an amazing adventure, a great learning eperience, a window into another culture in the present and it's roots in the past; a saturation of the senses with light, color, texture, form and fragrance.  And the opportunity to share all of this with so many wonderful fellow travelers and generous host families was very special."

~Marty, Arizona


"Thank you for the most wonderful trip.  I enjoyed every minute."

~ Joy, South Dakota


"Such a wonderful adventure in so many ways! Thanks for this unforgettable trip!"

~Gretchen, New York





I am not sure I have the words to describe the fun and adventure!! Cari, your detailed planning and execution was beyond compare, making our transitions smooth and easy, and our adventure simply ready to enjoy! I loved your evening preps, which allowed me to enjoy the moments, knowing you had it all under control.  It was the greatest trip ever, so thanks for the new friends and lasting memories!

~Suzy D., Texas


I loved my trip and have more life long memories to store away in my memories! Your trips are truly life changing!

Janet B, Colorado


We had such an amazing time and we're looking forward to more trips in the future...

Jon and Sarah K., Colorado


It really was a fabulous trip that Cari put together! Balancing everyone’s needs and desires so masterfully. I truly enjoyed the trip and meeting new folks and sharing yet another adventure with old friends.

Degrey P.,Colorado


What a fantastic trip!  Everyday was magical and so much fun.   It is hard to describe how great the trip was to friends at home.  Too good for words!  

Bob and Ginger S, Colorado


I'm sure your group couldn't find a more conscientious and capable leader - they must have had a ball in your company.

 Louise Oppenheimer., Our Weaving Workshop Instructor in Scotland


Cari, you created the best trip of all!  I saw and experienced so much more of Scotland this time.  I'm ready for another trip to more of the Scottish destinations in the future, I love it there.  This was truly unique.

Suellen V., Colorado


Thank you again for everything - you do have a gift of being able to coordinate many different personalities and desires… I also wanted to thank you for all the assistance you rendered with my medical food restrictions.  I was worried about traveling with them, but as every meal went by and the kitchens and servers already knew my name and what I could and couldn't have, I relaxed and never felt left out or singled out.  Thank you for that!

~Adrienne R., Illinois


August 2013


"The program was delightful and the medicine bag a work of wonder. Thanks so much for your skillful coordination and upbeat atmosphere.

It was a delightful excursion."

~Martha D, Colorado



April 2013


I would go ANYWHERE with you and your tours.  You made it SO great and EVERY part was special!  Just sitting in the canyon, weaqving with all that beauty surrounding ous was breathtaking!  I loved all of it!  The entire time was packed with education, beauty and lovely interesting people.  BEST TRIP EVER!

Cindy B., PA


It was all I imaagine and more.  So much to remember and consider.  I LOVE seing another culutre - not just being a tourist.  Cari was perfect!

Ann F., KY


I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful tour guide.  I had such a blast. Your planning and organization of the itinerary amazes me!  The trip was near perfect. You couldn't ask for a more fun and competent tour guide.  

Sherry K., CO 



October 2011, May 2012 and May 2103


Great job!  I learned a lot and came to appreciate the culture more as I learned more about it.  The highlights were Nilda's hands-on weaving and textile center.  I also enjoyed the variety of areas visited, the islands and cultural clothing in the cities - great variety.  Excellent experience!

Carolyn A., VA


What were the highlights?  EVERYTHING!! Cari and Ginger were fabulous!  Loved meeting the weavers, learning their complicated weaves done on such simple looms, beautiful scenery, delicious food, seeing llamas and alpacas, Machu picchu, Lake Titicaca, floating islands, condors, the clothing, ruins, churches, the markets and Maximo Laura.

Sheryl W., IA


Cari made the trip fantastic!  Her organization, hard work, infinite patience and good humor are what made the trip a success!

Suzy D., TX