Navajo Weaving in Canyon de Chelly

Anasazi Ruins, Legendary Trading Posts & Historic Textiles

Postponed to September 12 - 22, 2021    SOLD OUT

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Imagine sitting at your loom, at the base of the ruins in Canyon de Chelly, inspired by the view that has influenced countless Navajo weavers from the beginning of time. We have been granted the rare privilege to weave in this ancient landscape, infused with collective memories, taught by two highly regarded 5th generation Navajo master weavers. 


Beginning and ending our journey in Durango, Colorado, we also have the exclusive privilege of a private opening of the vault containing more than 800 years of Southwest weavings of The Durango Collection!  Add on two private receptions with renowned Southwest historians and exclusive visits to the most important trading posts in the Southwest, and you have the odyssey of a lifetime! 


Be our guest in one of the most sacred places on earth for a textile adventure like no other.  Also available for non-weaving horseback riding companions - they explore the canyon on horseback while you weave.

We had a successful sold out trips   April 2013, 2014, 2 trips in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019!


Postponed to September 2021 Due to Covid-19

September 12 - 22, 2021





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Honoring Spider Woman at Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly