The Romance of Romania

Dracula's Haunted Transylvania, Castles, Kilim Rugs and a Sheep Festival

Pack your Garlic and Join Us September 2023

Come with us to a fairytale landscape steeped in time. Where towns and villages seem like they have just stepped out of the Middle Ages. A peasant culture still thrives in the scenic countryside, and Saxon villages feature stone churches and monasteries that date back more than 500 years. The rocky peaks of Transylvania are loaded with castles perched high on the hilltops. This region truly feels like you have traveled back in time. The Carpathian Mountains are still home to Europe's largest population of brown bears as well as lynx and wolves. Horse-drawn carts ply the dirt roads and shepherds tend their flocks. In fact, we have timed our trip to coincide with a centuries-old festival commemorating the descent of the sheep from the high mountains.



Romania is a country of medieval castles, Gothic churches, and charming towns,

all hidden among some of the most enigmatic landscapes of southeastern Europe

...the country's dense forests and snow-capped peaks are perfect settings

for the folklore that emanates from nearly every region

(Transylvania, anyone?).

~ Caitlin Morton, Conde Nast



Romania also offers a plethora of cultural and artistic treasures. Here we find colorful embroidery, intricately hand-painted plates and eggs, leatherwork, vibrant folk costumes, wood carving, linen, and lace. Known for centuries for their Bessarabian kilim rugs, we will explore this historic element of Romania's cultural heritage and do some weaving of our own.


Dates: September 2023

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