Come Explore the Woven Threads of Mythology

in the Greek Isles



Join us in May 16 - 28, 2024

with an optional extension to Athens May 13-16


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When one thinks of Greece, inevitably the mind conjures up images of otherworldly, turquoise ocean waters, idyllic beaches dotted with ancient ruins and iconic whitewashed villages tumbling to the sea. Equally entrancing is that the entire utopian setting is rooted in myths and legends. The creation of textiles have played a critical role in this lore. Many stories from ancient Greece feature goddesses famous for their weaving abilities. Athena, is said to have been the protector of weavers and all handicrafts. Arachne, also a skilled weaver, was turned into a spider by Athena after challenging her in a tapestry contest. From Athens to the islands, fragments of ancient Greek textiles have been found dating back to the late Bronze Age. Embroidery has also played an important role of Greek arts.


On Crete, textile art originates in Minoan traditions. Apparently due to many excavations finding loom weights, we know that there were weaving workshops in Crete's Palaces. At Knossos, the most important palace on Crete, from 2000 - 1700 BC, there is evidence of more than 20 looms with 40-60 weavers. These weaving structures have been preserved over time and thrive today with techniques passed down from mothers to daughters throughout history. Read more...



"And then God said, let there be Greece."




Our Greek odyssey explores the island of Crete, birthplace of Zeus. Its mountainous landscape, moody villages, turquoise waters and a wealth of Venetian and Byzantine treasures earned it the name of the "Jewel of Greece." We have to include a visit to the island of Santorini, arguably one of the most iconic scenes in the world, and considered to be the most extraordinary island in the Aegean. We might also visit some smaller islands of the Cyclades on our journey, all the while focusing on the rich textile history of this legendary paradise. There will be an optional extension to Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world and chock full of ancient monuments.