Some Special Loom Dancer Moments

Memories can be our life raft in these times of uncertainty. How do I ever begin to thank all the wonderful people that have traveled with me around the globe?
And to the generous and supremely talented artists we have had the pleasure of working with in every destination? We have all shared so many treasured moments, cemented friendships for a lifetime, and woven a beautiful and colorful blanket of warm memories that we can wrap around ourselves for comfort in these times of uncertainty and to remind us of our interconnectivity.
There is no way I can include everyone that has enriched my life or the video would be longer than Gone With the Wind! But know that you are all in my heart for a lifetime. Stay tuned for a sequel...
And to those I have yet to meet, may our paths cross someday, somewhere in this wonderful, wonderful world and may we walk in beauty and awe together and weave that interwoven bond.
I invite you to join me for a look back, with hope in our hearts for a healthy, unified, travel-filled future.