Meet Our Mentor and Guide, Nancy Bush

Expert Knitter and Author of Five Books

We are so blessed that Nancy Bush will be our knitting mentor, with an exclusive workshop in the Western Islands of Estonia, as well as our guide throughout the tour.  Nancy has a passion for traditional knitting techniques and ethnic knitting patterns. For the last two decades, her main interest has been on studying and preserving the extraordinary knitting of Estonia. She has traveled there yearly since 1995 and has developed a great love and respect for the country. In 2015 she was honored by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a Letter of Thanks for her work promoting Estonian culture and crafts. 

Nancy has published articles and designs in many magazines including PieceWork where she is currently a member of the editorial advisory panel. She teaches knitting workshops focused on the techniques and traditions of Estonian knitting, from colorful gloves to delicate Haapsalu lace in the United States and abroad, including in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, France and the UK, and is the author of Folk Socks (1994), Folk Knitting in Estonia  (1999), Knitting on the Road, Socks for the Traveling Knitter (2001), Knitting Vintage Socks (2005) and Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions (2008), all published by Interweave Press. 

Visit Nancy's web site

where she offers knitting yarns, her books and books from Estonia